£+9Tn/yr new no tax Brexit all win

MPs must axe great British, all lose tax system, cloned by all nations, also in all lose depression, levied on working class PAYE employees, it is an offence to employ, work, earn, buy, sell, profit, or gain, inherit or watch TV, for which the penalties in UK are employ NIC, NIC, income tax, VAT, excise & customs duty, profits tax, corp tax, CGT, inherit tax, TV licence fee.  


Michael’s List of Self Supported all win Inventions for a wonderful world for all, with no one homeless, starving Moms & kids, or tramps in poverty. 
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©No Tax £+9Tn Revenue™, is Michael’s ©Copyright, Trade Mark™ & IP – Intellectual Property, on signed agreement. *Fee of 1% of £9Trillion.
*No Tax payers exist to object.

Glad to advise all MPs and Ministers  on all revenue raising,  spending & no tax brexit border solution acceptable to all, Eire, NI, EU & UK MPs.

Fortune/fame unsafe.
Michael requests anonymity:-
No Royal titles, nor Michael’s contacts to media.
PM may give Michael’s contact phone to Heads of State agreeable to contribute fees for using Michael’s top,
no tax revenue raising system.

Many thanks for using Michael’s top all win no tax  high Revenue raising system.

PM may phone Michael on 07876 75 66 62 8am to 8pm any day, including holidays.

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Michael V. Rodrigues – BSc Eng (Mech & Elect)
Institute of Inventors
19-21 Fosse Way, Ealing, London W13 0BZ


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